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Time:2022-01-14SINOCHEM COMMERCE CO.,LTD entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on www.chinabidding.com on2022-01-14
1、Bidding Conditions
Overview:Brinell hardness tester for wheels
Source of Funds:Domestic self-raised
Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:Project has been considered,Funds have been implemented
2、Bidding Content
Bidding No:0747-2240SCCZBA15
Project Name:Project for Equipment and Tooling Procurement
Place of Implementation:Datong
List of Products:

NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical Data Remarks
1 Brinell hardness tester for wheels 1 set 5.5Scale: Brinell – HBW10/3000
5.6Measurement method: Depth method is adopted
5.7Indenter: Cemented carbide ¢ 10mm, with valid certificate

3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
Qualifications or Performance:3.1 The bidder must be the manufacturer, the agent will not be accepted for this bidding. 3.2 The bidder must provide photocopy of various qualification certificates, including business license (business registration certificate) or business permit, photocopy of certificate of ISO9001:2015 quality management system within validity period or similar quality certificate. 3.3 The bidder shall have manufacturing/sales performances of product in the model/specification the same as or similar to that of the bidden goods since January 1, 2018, and offer a main performance list , meanwhile, the bidder shall provide photocopy of related contracts (first and final pages and seal pages of contact, pages of equipment name and a list of equipment, etc.). 3.4 The Bidder shall provide the 2018-2020 balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement audited by an accounting firm and a copy of the financial audit report (for bidders that have been established less than three years from the date of establishment to 2020 A copy of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and other accounting statements audited by an accounting firm for the year, as well as a copy of the financial audit report). 3.5 The Bidder shall provide a Certificate of Credit Standing from the bank which the basic account was opened, issued within three months prior to the date of bid opening in original or its copy.
Joint Bids:NOT Available
Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-14
Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-21
Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
To Obtain::On-line Download
Price of Bidding Documents:¥1000/$160
Additional Instructions:Interested bidders may, from January, 14th, 2022 to January, 21st, 2022, log in the website of SINOCHEM COMMERCE CO., LTD. http://www.sinochemitc.com/zb, and enter the online sales system of bidding documents. The buyer of bidding documents shall first freely register online following Help – Guide for Bidding and Tendering. The bidding documents, at the price of RMB 1,000 or USD 160 a set. After successful payment, the buyer of bidding documents can download the bidding documents and the ordinary electronic invoice inclusive of value-added tax.If there is any doubt about registration and buying, please contact online service. Bidders who have not registered for the bidding documents in SINOCHEM COMMERCE CO., LTD. will be rejected.
5、Bid Submission
Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2022-02-08 09:00
Place of Bid:Huangshan Hall, 2nd Floor, Zhongtu Building, No.6 Beifengwo, Haidian District, Beijing
Place of Bid Opening:Huangshan Hall, 2nd Floor, Zhongtu Building, No.6 Beifengwo, Haidian District, Beijing
6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on www.chinabidding.com. And the evaluation results will be released on www.chinabidding.com.
7、Contact Details
Add.:No.1 Qianjin Dajie, Datong Shanxi,P.R.China
Contact:Mr. Zhai
Tel:+86 03525199348
Add.:SINOCHEM Tower, No. A2 Fuxingmenwai Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing
Contact:Hao Lifeng
Tel:+86 10 5936 9307
8、Remittance Approach:
Bank(USD):Bank of China, Beijing Fengtai Sub-Branch
Account NO.(RMB):
Account NO.(USD):348056025289