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Time:2022-01-07CNCCC International Tendering Co.,Ltd. entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on www.chinabidding.com on2022-01-07
1、Bidding Conditions
Overview:CNCCC International Tendering Co., Ltd.(hereinafter called \”Tendering Agent\”), for and on behalf of CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Ltd (hereinafter called\”Purchaser\”) invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply of following equipment for LUFENG12-3 OILFIELD FPSO PROJECT
Source of Funds:yes
Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:yes
2、Bidding Content
Bidding No:0704-2240JDCP0032
Project Name:LUFENG12-3 OILFIELD FPSO PROJECT Integrated Control & Safety System
Place of Implementation:Guangdong,China
List of Products:

NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical Data Remarks
1 Integrated Control & Safety System(ICSS) 1set 1、The design life for the ICSS should be thirty (30) years.
2、The communication speed must be at least 100Mbps among the PCS, FGS and ESD and among the whole system. The communication rate between the operation station, engineer station, PCS, ESD, and FGS system controller is 100M, and the network medium is a redundant TCP/IP control network. When the system is configured with multiple operating stations, each operating station should be able to obtain data directly from each PCS, ESD, and FGS controller, and each operating station should be able to update data synchronously. When the system is in a server-client architecture, there should be independent redundant servers that cannot be shared with engineer or operator stations.
3、ESD must meet the requirements of IEC61508 and IEC61511, FGS must meet the requirements of IEC 61508 and NFPA 72, and the safety level should meet the requirements of SIL3(the ADDRESSABLE FIRE and GAS PANEL shall be SIL2). ESD and FGS system hardware and system provided by seller shall have safety certification issued by safety certification authority (such as TüV) The SIL 3 certificated system shall be included system software, hardware and safety control network, such as controller modules, I/O modules, communication modules, data communication bus and the software relative with safe control system configured on the operator workstations and engineer workstations. ESD and FGS system SIL 3 shall be supplied certificate through Authority test.

3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
Qualifications or Performance: 1) Qualification requirement:

A. The bidder within the customs territory shall provide valid business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate or three in one business license, etc. The bidder outside the customs territory shall provide valid independent legal person certificate. To prove that the bidder has independent legal personality.

B. The bidder must be the manufacturer of PCS 、ESD and FGS.

2) Performance requirements:

PCS、ESD and FGS shall be mature products. From January 1, 2001 to the deadline of bidding(Contract Award Date), The bidder shall have one (1) newly-built FPSO (including Hull and Topside) Integrated system (PCS, ESD and FGS) project reference that have been put into application for more than two (2) years.

The ICSS component such as the fire & gas detection/alarm devices, flame detector, combustible gas detector, hydrogen gas detector, smoke detector, heat detector, alarm strobe and bell, manual station, APS station, addressable fire alarm control panel etc. shall have been proven with the performance for new-build or converted FPSO performance and in operation for more than two years. The bidder shall provide the corresponding documents.

The bidder shall submit the performance table in the prescribed format and relevant performance supporting documents. Performance certification documents include but are not limited to: copy of sales contract (including contract cover and signature page, description page of supply scope / scope of work and technical accessories related to the Integrated Control & Safety System sets, main technical parameters page, etc., with the original for reference), certificate of successful operation signed by the user or temporary acceptance certificate issued by the user or commissioning record report signed by the third party classification society. If the above documents do not contain the name of the facility where Central Control System is located and the information of the user, the SUPPLIER shall provide a valid document. Performance without supporting materials is invalid performance.

Joint Bids:NOT Available
Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-07
Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-14
Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
To Obtain::On-site Purchase
Place:enter into website http://buy.cnooc.com.cn to purchase the bidding documents (electronic edition)
Price of Bidding Documents:¥2000/$300
Additional Instructions: First login must be registered(free of charge), after successful registration, you can buy the bidding documents. The purchase process must be fully online, and offline remittance will not be accepted. After successful payment of the bid fee, the bidder can download the bidding documents by himself. The bid fee will not be refunded after successful payment. If you do not purchase the bidding documents in the system, you may not participate in the bidding. In addition, The tender notice is also issued on the Electronic transaction platform for mechanical and electrical products tendering and bidding (http://www.chinabidding.com), the bidder need to succeed in the Electronic transaction platform (http://www.chinabidding.com/) registered and through the platform review.
5、Bid Submission
Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2022-01-28 10:00
Place of Bid: 1th Floor,CNOOC Tower, No.6 Dongzhimenwai Xiao jie , Dong cheng District, Beijing 100027, P.R.China
Place of Bid Opening:No.7 Meeting Room,4th Floor,CNOOC Tower, No.6 Dongzhimenwai Xiao jie , Dong cheng District, Beijing 100027, P.R.China
6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on www.chinabidding.com. And the evaluation results will be released on www.chinabidding.com.
7、Contact Details
Purchasers:CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Limited
Add.:Donggu petroleum New Village, Binhai New District, Tianjin
Contact:Mr. ChangYuzhou
Tel:022-25802215 [email protected]
Bidding Agency:CNCCC International Tendering Co.,Ltd.
Add.:4th?Floor,?CNOOC?Tower, No.6 Dongzhimenwai Xiaojie, Dongcheng District,?Beijing,?100027, P.R.China
Contact:Miss. Meilili
Tel:86-10-84527973 [email protected]
8、Remittance Approach:
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