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New Tenders

Time:2022-01-06JiangXi GuoZheng Tendering Consulting co., LTD entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on www.chinabidding.com on2022-01-06
1、Bidding Conditions
Overview:Introduce medical equipment for hospital development needs
Source of Funds:Unit self raised funds
Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:Funds are in place
2、Bidding Content
Bidding No:1313-224GZ2211101
Project Name:Jiangxi cancer hospital procurement automatic liquid workstation project
Place of Implementation:Jiangxi cancer hospital
List of Products:

NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical Data Remarks
1 Automatic liquid workstation 1 set Realize a series of automatic operations such as detection of blood collection vessel blood layered interface, blood component packaging, bar code scanning, data tracking and bar code scanning of bottom 2D bar code cryopreservation tube. See the bidding document for details

3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
Qualifications or Performance:1. If the bidder is not the manufacturer of the goods, the bidder shall provide the legal and valid authorization or distribution authorization of the manufacturer of the goods or the manufacturer\’s domestic branch or domestic general agent for this bid;
2. Documents proving that the bidder meets the performance requirements (if any);
3. The original or copy of the credit certificate issued by the bidder\’s Bank of deposit within three months before the date of bid opening;
4. Suppliers who have not received the bidding documents may not participate in the bidding.
Joint Bids:NOT Available
Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-07
Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2022-01-14
Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
To Obtain::On-site Purchase
Place:The materials purchased or to be purchased in Jiangxi Guozheng Bidding Consulting Co., Ltd.
Price of Bidding Documents:¥300/$50
5、Bid Submission
Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2022-01-28 09:30
Place of Bid:Bid opening room of Jiangxi Guozheng tendering Consulting Co., Ltd
Place of Bid Opening:Bid opening room of Jiangxi Guozheng tendering Consulting Co., Ltd
6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on www.chinabidding.com. And the evaluation results will be released on www.chinabidding.com.
7、Contact Details
Purchasers:Jiangxi Cancer Hospital
Add.:No. 519, East Beijing Road, Nanchang
Contact:Tao Xueqin
Bidding Agency:JiangXi GuoZheng Tendering Consulting co., LTD
Add.:10th floor, Nanchang Academy of Agricultural Sciences building, No. 348, Lushan South Avenue, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Contact:Liu Fang, Zhenzhen Zhu
8、Remittance Approach:
Bank(RMB):Bank of China Nanchang fenghe boulevard branch
Bank(USD):Bank of China Nanchang fenghe boulevard branch
Account NO.(RMB):197742662495
Account NO.(USD):197742662495
9、Additional Instruction
Additional Instructions:(1) Other requirements of the bidder: the bidder shall complete registration on the China International Bidding website before bidding, otherwise it cannot bid. The bid evaluation results will be publicized on China International Bidding website. Before bidding, the supplier shall submit the bid to Jiangxi public resources trading network (website: http://jxsggzy.cn/web/ )Register and handle Jiangxi CA digital certificate, electronic signature and information verification. For specific requirements, see \”Jiangxi provincial government procurement network\” (website: http://www.ccgp-jiangxi.gov.cn/web/ ).
(2) Data fee remittance method
household Name: Jiangxi Guozheng bidding Consulting Co., Ltd
Bank of deposit (RMB): Nanchang Fenghe Avenue sub branch of Bank of China
Bank account No.: 197742662495 \”1313-224gz2211101 data fee\” shall be indicated for remittance, and the remittance shall be subject to the arrival
(3) Bid submission time: 09:00-09:30, January 28, 2022 (Beijing time)
(4) Selling price: 300.00 yuan, or US $50; No collection and purchase on holidays and no return of bidding documents after collection and purchase;
(5) The procurement agency service fee shall be paid by the bid winning supplier. See the bidding documents for details.
Note: this purchase is an imported product, but it is not limited to domestic products that meet the technical requirements. The maximum price is 1.98 million yuan. The supplier\’s bid price shall not exceed the maximum price, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid bid.
Attachments:1313-224gz2211101 international bidding document for Jiangxi cancer hospital procurement of fully automatic liquid workstation project.doc