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New Tenders

Time:2021-11-10Zhicheng Engineering Consulting Co. , Ltd. entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on www.chinabidding.com on2021-11-10
1、Bidding Conditions
Overview: Medical Equipment Project of Songyuan Infectious Diseases Hospital (Import) (Bid Section 1)
Source of Funds:been implemented
Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:the project has been approved and meets the bidding conditions
2、Bidding Content
Bidding No:2959-214202162801
Project Name:Medical Equipment Project of Songyuan Infectious Diseases Hospital (Import) (Bid Section 1)
Place of Implementation:Jilin Province, China
List of Products:

NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical Data Remarks
1 Automatic biochemical analyzer 1 1.* Colorimetric speed: 2,000 test / h, electrolyte speed: 900 test / h, total speed: 2,900 test / h
2.simultaneous analysis of double reagents: 57 (including ISE)
3.Sample types: serum, plasma, urine, or other types
4.Analysis method: end-point method, two-point method, kinetic method, specific turbidity method and other methods
5.* Potassium and sodium chloride electrode life span: 6 months
6.* Number of wavelengths:> 12, and has 540nm wavelength
7.Specting system: grating rear separation technology
8.Absorbance of the linear range: 0-3.0 OD
9.* Routine sample intake area capacity: 400 tubes
10.Sample container: Various specifications of original tubes (vacuum blood vessels) or sample cups can be mixed
11.It has the function of sample condensate detection, sample probe hole blocking alarm system and probe anti-collision protection function
12.* Samession mode: three tracks, continuous and random samples
13.* Emergency sample size: 20 tubes
14.* constant temperature dry incubation to save costs
15.Reagent warehouse: Refrigerated function, 100 R1 + R2 reagent positions
16.Equipped with sample and reagent barcode, with automatic tube liquid surface tracking function
17.* Quartz glass reaction cup, 408 / module
18.Minimum total reaction volume: 80uL
19.* Minimum sample volume: 1uL (0.1 uL step)
20.* Both R1 and R2 minimum reagent volume: 10uL (1 uL step)
21.Reagents are fully open, and the full set of original reagents, calibrations and quality control products of the same brand is provided for users to choose from, to ensure the complete traceability
22.Built-in Westgard quality control rules, Twin Plot, and Levey Jennings graphics rules
23.Standard RS-232C interface with single / two-way communication for remote diagnosis
24.Easy to operate: Use a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen
25.Windows graphical full-Chinese operation platform
Fault diagnosis: with intelligent fault detection and online help function, can prompt the fault cause and part of the hardware and hardware system
2 Automatic electrochemiluminescence immunoAnalyzer 1 1.Detection principle: microparticle enzymatic chemiluminescence
2.* Detection speed: 200 test / h (single instrument)
3.* Sample position:> 120 sample positions, with continuous sample entry
4.* Kit position: load 45 kits at a time with refrigerate
5.Item menu: 50 items
6.Pre-split cup function: Yes, refrigerated storage of 280 sample positions
7.* First result time:
3 Fully automated chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer 1 1.Main reagent position: 25 main reagent position, which can simultaneously perform 25 different testing items
2.Ununattended time: 6 hours or 720 tests
3.Sample position: 120, and does not stop for continuous loading
4.First result time: 17 minutes
5.* Processing capacity / h: 180 test / h
6.Add sample needle: use disposable TIP head to avoid carrying pollution
7.Emergency function: automatic dilution and automatic retest
8.Sample liquid surface induction: with sample liquid surface induction
9.Clot detection: with clot detection
10.Reit preparation: integrated kit, open and used, does not stop the continuous loading
11.Detection principle: chemiluminescence method, heteroluminino luminescence principle, magnetic particle combination technology
12.* Carry out projects: full quantitative TORCH testing, parvovirus B19, hepatitis B 5 items (three or more quantification), hepatitis C antibody, syphilis, AIDS antigen antibody, thyroid hormone 8 items, tumor markers, sex hormone, EB virus, direct renin, aldosterone and other projects
13.Reagent cold storage system: 2℃± 13℃
14.Reagent liquid surface sensing: with reagent liquid surface induction
15.* Reagent calibration: reagent built-in calibration liquid, built-in main curve, 2-point calibration, calibration period of up to 28 days
16.Communication information: two-way ASTM connection, networking interface, remote data sharing
17.Interface: 17 \” LCD color touch display
18.Patient Barcode: EAN / 128 / 39 / Cod-a-bar / cross 25 yards is supported
19.* Automatic identification: Rereagent has wireless RF identification
Operating software: Windows XP compatible machine
4 Automatic identification of drug susceptibility analysis system 1 1. Scope of clinical application: The detection and analysis system adopts the principle of colorimetric technology, which can be used for clinical microbial chamber bacteria
Fungal identification and antibiotic susceptibility test; to provide etiology for the diagnosis and treatment of clinically infectious diseases
According to.
* 2. Identification and drug susceptibility card types: used to identify common gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, haemophilic bacteria, etc
Neisseria, no less than 500 aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, corynebacterium and no less than 500 species identified.
2.1. Gram-negative bacterial susceptibility cards should provide MIC results including sulupdepth, teticacycline and colistin; gram
Lan-positive bacteria should provide MIC results including daptomycin and teicoranin.For new clinical drug resistance
And low-level resistance provides a wider spectrum of MIC detection range (> 5 MIC).
* 2.2. Can be done as streptococcal drug sensitive, and have a separate drug sensitivity card to do streptococcus pneumoniae drug sensitive.
3. The product has both FDA, CE, and CFDA
* 4. Identification card and drug sensitivity card are fully enclosed independent barcode packaging; to ensure the biosafety of the operator.
5. operating process:
5.1 Automatic fill, automatic incubation, automatic detection, automatic card withdrawal, and no additional reagents during the detection process.
5.2 Instrument test card level 15
5.6 The average identification drug susceptibility time was 6 – 10 hours, providing drug sensitivity results of 20 – 40 antibiotics.
* 6. Expert system: comply with international authoritative CLSI drug susceptibility reading rules; based on comprehensive MIC
; Analysis of 3,000 drug-resistant phenotypes, including the common MRSA, ESBL, VRE and others; storage
The 30,000 MIC distribution maps; for clinical treatment advice and modifications; for hospital infection testing and bacterial resistance
Monitoring provides scientific trial data; free CLSI discount point updates each year.
7. operating system:
7.1 Chinese reporting and statistical system and data can be imported into Excel and Whonet statistical software
7.2 BCI bidirectional networking with the laboratory information management system
8. Electronic opbiometer, and complete 2 0 readings in 2 seconds.
5 Fully Automatic Mycobacterial Detection System 1 1.Instruments and related reagents have FDA, SFDA and CE certification certificates.
2.The equipment can accommodate 960 samples simultaneously, and can handle at least 20 samples per day, processing up to 8,000 samples annually.
* 3. Detection principle: use the current fluorescence detection principle with the highest detection sensitivity, use non-invasive continuous detection technology, 24-hour continuous monitoring, and automatically judge the culture results.
4.It can detect mycobacteria in sputum, tissue, gastric fluid, stool and other non-blood specimens, covering the vast majority of clinical pathogenic mycobacteria.
* 5. Provide five anti-tuberculosis drug sensitivity kits (streptomycin, isoniazid, rifampicin, ethambubutol, pyrazinamide), all with FDA, SFDA, CE registration certificates.
6. Average positive detection time: 9 days; average drug sensitivity time: 8 days.
7.The instrument has built-in automatic drug sensitivity analysis software, which can directly produce drug sensitivity results, without manual analysis.
8.The system has an automatic correction function, without manual detection correction.It has the function to record and analyze continuous dynamic results.Run every 1 hour to ensure accurate and reliable results.
9.The instrument has the reinput function within 5 hours: the culture bottle is removed within 5 hours and then put in, all the data are not lost, can continue to be detected, effectively against the occurrence of false positives.
* 10. The culture tubes were non-glass and stored at room temperature.With threaded cover, good safety, sealing effect.
11.Use a pipette gun to sample, do not need a sharp device, no pollution to the staff, to avoid puncture injury.
12. Built-in computer, graphical operation interface, simple operation and easy to learn.
13. Have the barcode scanning function to facilitate sample information input.
14. The equipment has the printing function and can directly print the test results.
6 Fully automatic blood culture instrument 1 1. Product function description: bacteria (aerobic bacteria, facultative anaerobic bacteria, obligate anaerobic bacteria, caustic soda bacteria, etc.) microorganisms can be cultivated.For bacterial culture of blood, bone marrow and other sterile body fluids in adult and children.
* 2. Reading principle: bacterial metabolism produces CO2, using the principle of color production, fluorescence or gas production technology.
* 3. Large capacity, a single module can load 120 blood culture bottles and expand the bottles.
4. Each hole in the incubator shall have an independent optical detector to read the readings from each culture bottle.
5. The tester can automatically complete the quality control calibration, and on the premise of ensuring the accurate judgment results, there is no need to set up control culture tubes.
* 6 The temperature of each group can be custom adjusted in the range of 25 ° to 45 °C to target the growth temperature suitable for clinical or environmental bacteria.
7. It has a delayed culture function. When the culture bottle can not be put into the machine after the samples are collected, the test results will not be affected.
* 8. Adult aerobic and anaerobic culture bottles with neutralizing antibiotics; standard adult aerobic and anaerobic culture bottles;
Child culture bottle; Mycobacterium sputum culture bottle.Multiple variety of culture bottles can be provided, and bacteria and fungi can grow in the same culture bottle.No need to purchase fungal bottles alone.
* 9. Blood culture bottle is a plastic bottle to ensure biological safety and is suitable for the hospital pneumatic logistics system.
*10 .Anaerobic bottles also have the antibiotic adsorption capacity.
11. Have the Chinese operation interface and support direct Chinese input, can connect to the laboratory LIS system, and can access the patient information in the lis system.The software system can be personalized designed according to the requirements of the laboratory, and can be upgraded for free.
12. Each group of incubator can operate independently to be bacterial culture or mycobacterial culture according to the needs of the department; the maximum number of incubation days for a bottle position can be set independently.
7 Blood Gas Analyzer 1 1. Function: Portable automatic blood gas analyzer that can detect pH, blood gas, electrolyte, lactate, glucose, bilirubin and blood oxygen in whole blood.The built-in automatic quality control system has less blood volume and fast speed.
2. Parameter requirements:
1. Direct measurement parameters: pH value, carbon dioxide pressure, oxygen pressure, potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride, pressure product of red blood cells, glucose, lactic acid, total hemoglobin, total oxygen saturation, oxygen and hemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin, fetal hemoglobin, hemoglobin, carbon monoxide and bilirubin more than 17 parameters, the parameters can be combined according to need.
2. Calculation parameters: bicarbonate, alkali residue, anion gap, respiratory index, alveolar artery oxygen partial pressure difference and more than 47 calculation parameters for users to flexibly choose from.
3. On-board stability time of consumables: the board stability time of consumables is more than or equal to 30 days, and the long-term period reduces the use cost of consumables to the maximum extent.
4. Calibration mode: gas and liquid double calibration to make the results more accurate.
5. Sample type and blood dosage requirements: automatic sample sampling, and many types of samples can be determined, including arterial blood, venous blood, and capillary blood.The minimum sample blood volume was less than or equal to 70 microliters.
6. Network link capability: easily networked LIS / HIS system; to realize the remote operation of two-way communication.
7. Operating system: Chinese operating system, flat color large touch screen.
8. Quality control requirements: free built-in quality control, automatic quality control three times a day, support for external third-party quality control, quality control with L-J accusation diagram can be stored and printed, and quality control does not consume the test number.
9. Test speed: The test time of each sample is less than or equal to 50 seconds to facilitate the emergency rescue of the department.
3、After-sales service and requirements: free installation and commissioning, free technical operation training, after-sales and arrival at the site, professional engineers in Jilin Province for maintenance.
Impearable parts and consumables: test card and reagent kit
8 Bybed blood filter machine 1 1. Various treatment modes are completed: including those of Ci-CaCVVHD AV1000S, Ci-Ca postCVVHDF, CVVHD, Post-CVVHDF, Post-CVVH, Pre-CVVH, and Pre-post CVVH
2. * Requirements of drive pump and heparin pump: the whole machine has 6 high-precision drive pumps with striking color identification, (blood pump, replacement liquid pump, dialysate pump, waste liquid pump, citrate pump, calcium pump), can directly see the pump operation; with an integrated anticoagulant heparin pump device, heparin dosage is automatically calculated in the total treatment, without manual intervention.
3. Screen requirements: Chinese interface, 15-inch TFT LCD can be adjusted and fold the touch screen from multiple angles, with the status recognition light at the top of the screen.
4. * Electronic scale: 4 electronic scales, the maximum load of each electronic scale needs to reach 12KG, total load: 48kg; resolution: 1g, waste liquid bag capacity of 10L.
5. Heating system: two integrated and built-in integrated liquid heaters can warm the replacement fluid and dialysate, respectively.The replacement fluid temperature is 35-39℃; the dialysate temperature can be 35-39℃.
6 It can be performed simultaneously in the anterior and posterior dilution at Pre-post CVVH.The displacement amount is up to 9.6L / H.
7. Open design of consumables.Pipe and filter are packaged independently, flexible selection according to the treatment mode, pipeline Cassette integrated package design.Other treatments can be extended: combined with ECMO
8. * Anticoagulation mode: standard with citrate anticoagulant and heparin anticoagulant mode; citrate anticoagulant is a fully automatic and integrated anticoagulant treatment mode.
9. Have a care mode.
10. * Blood flow rate: 10-500ml/min ± 10%,
11. Replacement fluid flow rate: 10-80ml/min,
12. Dialyate flow rate: 10-80ml/min,
13. Filter fluid flow rate: 0-180ml/min,
14. Citrate flow rate: 10-600ml / h,
15. Calcium flow rate: 0; 1-100ml / h,
16 The accuracy is 10% of the ± of the reads
17. Arterial inflow pipeline pressure: -300~ + 300mmHg
18. Venous return line pressure: -100~ + 500mmHg
19. Transmembrane pressure: -300~ + 520mmHg
20. Front filter pressure: -50~ + 750mmHg
21. Have an air monitoring and safety alarm system
22. Blood leakage monitoring safety alarm system
23. Have a pressure limit monitoring safety alarm system
24. liquid balance monitoring safety alarm system
25. Too high transmembrane pressure monitoring forecast and coagulation monitoring estimation alarm system in the filter
26. Air detector: equipped with ultrasonic detection and optical detection at the venous clamp.
27. Blood leakage detector: Optical detection, at max. filtered fluid flow, 0.5ml/min blood leakage (HCT=32%)
28. * Electrical shock protection: Class I protection; CF protection degree C F.Highly protected patient and machine against electric shock, approved for use in the ICU with defibrillator
29. Standard backup battery: it can maintain extracorporeal circulation for 15 minutes after power outage to ensure timely blood return and transfer of patients.
9 Ultra scale Color Doppler Ultrasonic Diagnostic 1 one, Ultra-premium color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
two, Number: A set
three, building user:
four, Equipment use and description:
The whole-body applied color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system is mainly used in abdomen, heart, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, superficial tissue and small organs, pediatrics, myobone nerve, interventional diagnosis and treatment and clinical academic research.The manufacturer must provide the latest flagship high-end product and the latest version.
five, Main specifications and system overview
5.1 Color Doppler ultrasound diagnostics includes:
*5.1.1 The 22-inch OLED organic self-light-emitting pure black LCD monitor, with a universal joint arm design, can achieve up and down, left and rear of any orientation adjustment, can be folded front and rear.
5.1.2 The LCD touch screen is 12-inch and displays real-time images synchronized with the display and supports sliding page flip.
5.1.3 The touch screen supports digital TGC, slides the time gain curve and can be saved as common pre-settings.
5.1.4 The operation panel supports electric adjustment height, front, left and right position and rotation, and supports a fully enclosed keyboard.
5.1.5 Raw data storage with 30 parameters adjustment for playback of conventional images
5.1.6 Dynamic wide beam emission and receiving ultrasonic signals, using the whole field space pixel imaging principle imaging, one-time imaging, without adjustment of focus location and number, and the image area without focal point or focus zone.
5.1.7 Intelligent pixel optimization technology: improve the overall image spatial resolution, contrast resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio.
5.1.8 Host integrated coupling agent heating device with adjustable temperature
5.1.9 With a data defense system, you can set data openness and access to different groups of people
5.1.10 Intelligent control device function: the ultrasonic host can be connected to the mobile terminals such as the mobile phone or the tablet computer, and use the mobile equipment instead of the panel button to complete the freezing, inspection mode switching, measurement, photo taking and other operations
*5.1.11 Image interconnection function: The ultrasonic host can be connected to mobile terminals such as a mobile phone or tablet computer. The pictures taken by the mobile terminal can be instantly uploaded to the ultrasound device. A single display or display with the ultrasound and ultrasonic dynamic images on the screen
5.2 Two-dimensional gray-scale imaging unit
5.2.1 Wide frequency conversion imaging technology: gray scale, harmonic, color, spectrum support independent frequency conversion, center frequency can be adjustable
5.2.2 Speckle noise suppression technology: support all probes, multi-level adjustable, support 3D / 4D, CFM / PDI, wide-field imaging, contrast imaging and other technologies
5.2.3 Spatial composite imaging:
1) Support all convex arrays, line arrays and volumetric probes, with various adjustable parameters such as frame average and frame rate.
2) With three composite modes, average, three open angles adjustable in each mode.
5.2.4 Tissue harmonic imaging,: can be used for all imaging probes, frequency visual and adjustable, specific central frequency values can be displayed
5.2.5 Organizational sound beam correction technology is suitable for all convex array and line array probes, level 7 adjustable, can display specific values.
5.2.6 The HD magnification function can amplify the local image, and can control the position relationship of the enlarged tissue in the image.
5.2.7 Wide-field imaging: All imaging probes can be used in combination with the spatial composite imaging function to automatically detect the scanning direction and support rotation and measurement
5.3 Advanced imaging technology
5.3.1 Automatic medium membrane measurement technique: the medium membrane thickness in the anterior and posterior wall can be measured, and the maximum value, average value and measured range interval can be given
5.3.2 The contrast-like blood flow imaging technique Non-Doppler imaging principle, the true response to the endovascular blood flow state True hemodynamics was observed without sampling frame, no reduced frame frequency, no angle dependence, and without contrast agent injection With a capture mode, multiple frames of images are accumulated together and dynamically present the spatial distribution of blood vessels in the order of blood flow perfusion The echo background surrounding blood flow tissue can be removed and blood flow alone Support for convex array / high-frequency convex array, small and micro convex array, linear array / high-frequency line array, surface array, phased array and interventional probe, etc
5.3.3 Ultrathin blood flow imaging technology A new intelligent algorithm and codec technology are used to display ultra-microthin blood flow and low-speed blood flow signals Six applicable probes, to support convex array, surface array, line array, high-frequency line array, etc A variety of color maps and directional display can help doctors improve the recognition of microfine blood flow With multi-level background mode selection, level 7 Support for PW speed measurement Support the cumulative mode, the cumulative level can be regulated Support the same screen display with B mode, support and real-time scene photos control display
5.3.4 The puncture needle enhances the display function
* The display gain of the puncture needle can be adjusted independently, without affecting the image background quality Multi-angle adjustable to clearly display the puncture path, improve the confidence and success rate of puncture biopsy and interventional treatment
* 5.3.5 Intelligent Doppler technology: It can quickly identify the blood vessel structure, automatically adjust the position and Angle of the color sampling box, and adjust the spectral sampling volume and Angle
5.4 Advanced imaging technology
5.4.1 Strain-type elastography Have image quality monitoring color bar and operation action curve to guide doctors to operate Can support the convex array, line array, cavity, surface array probe and other 8 probes Flexible quantitative analysis: dynamic elastic map quantitative analysis, which can provide the hardness value of 8 regions of interest and the hardness ratio of 7 regions of interest to the reference region
5.4.2 Heart imaging function
* Standard cardiac phase array probe scanning angle of 120 ° Anatomical type M function, either online or offline It supports high-frame-frequency Doppler-velocity imaging of myocardial tissue, and supports anatomical M type and curve anatomical M types along with tissue Doppler Automatic calculation function of cardiac function: the endocardium is automatically tracked under the dynamic movement of the myocardium, and the cardiac function parameters are calculated. The same screen shows the dynamic envelope curve, end-diastolic and end-systolic envelope curve, and the cardiac function data such as EF, CO, SV are automatically obtained Support Doppler quantitative analysis of myocardial tissue: it can show the synchronization / diastolic function / contraction function of tissue movement, and conduct multiple parameters to directly convert the tissue speed curve, tissue displacement curve and tissue backdispersion intensity curve without multiple sampling, and display 8 curves on the same screen
* Support for cardiac two-dimensional gray-scale blood flow imaging
5.4.3 Measurement and analysis (type B, type M, spectral Doppler, color mode) general measure Measurement of obstetrics and gynecology has automatic obstetric measurement technology. The system can automatically measure important fetal growth and development indicators such as double roof diameter, femoral length, head circumference, head circumference and abdominal circumference according to image recognition technology, and automatically measure and calculate values Heart function measurements Doppler blood flow measurement and analysis Peripheral blood tube measurement and analysis Urlogical measurement and analysis The Doppler spectrum is automatically envelope, measured and calculated, and the parameters are freely selected by the customer Image storage and (movie) playback reproduction unit Input / output signal: HDMI, USB, etc
5.4.4 Connectivity: Medical Digital Image and Communication Version DICOM3.0 interface component (and can be remotely read, transferred, and stored in other color ultrasound images as a central server)
5.4.5 Ultrasonic image archiving and disease case management system
*5.4.6 Dual hard drive: mechanical hard drive capacity 1TB, solid state hard drive capacity 128GB
5.4.7 Integrated clipboard: (on the screen) can store and playback dynamic and static images, image size has 3 adjustable; on the clipboard can do image delete, transfer or enter the disease system directly on the clipboard
5.4.8 USB one-click quick storage function, only one key to save the image on the screen to the U disk, mobile hard disk, or other USB device.The USB interface supports the fast storage of images on the screen on U or mobile hard drives
5.4.9 Ultrasonic images were both static and dynamically stored, and the raw data playback was reproduced
5.4.10 Dynamic images, static images are stored directly in removable media in AVI, JPEG, or MPEGVue format
5.4.11 Supports compression and HD D I C O M image transmission
5.4.12 In the screen clipboard and multi-screen playback function, the images stored on different inspection dates can be played back to the same screen for comparative analysis
5.5 Technical parameter requirements
5.5.1 System General functions:
5.5.2 Monitor A 22-inch high-resolution organic self-semiluminescence monitor
5.5.3 Scanning mode: Line-by-line scan, high-resolution, all-round joint arm rotation
5.5.4 System dynamic range of 290dB
*5.5.5 There are 6 probe interfaces, of which 4 activated probe interfaces (excluding pen probe interfaces) are all large needle-free contact interfaces
5.5.6 Probe specification Frequency: needle-free contact type wide frequency conversion probe, all probes and all inspection modes should have a clear central frequency display, to achieve two-dimensional, harmonic, color, Doppler frequency independent adjustable The operating frequency range can be selected between 1-18MHz Array yuan: small organ surface array probe array number of 1000 array yuan Pierce guide: The probe can be equipped with a puncture guide device, with 5 puncture angles
5.6 The 2 D gray scale shows the main parameters
5.6.1 Probe performance: convex array probe: ultrasonic frequency of 1.0-6.0 MHz Shallow probe, with an ultrasonic frequency of 4.0-15.0MHz Phase control array probe: the ultrasonic frequency is 1.0-5.0MHz
5.7 transducer frequency:
5.7.1 convex array probe, 18cm depth, full field, highest line density, 2 D frame frequency 63
5.7.2 convex array probe, 18cm depth, full field, highest line density, color frame frequency 17
5.7.3 The phased array probe, 18cm depth, scanning angle of 85 °, at the highest line density, 2-D frame frequency 73
5.7.4 Phased array probe, 18cm depth, scanning angle of 85 °, at the highest line density, color frame frequency 34
5.7.5 Replay reproduction: 3 gray scale images 000, playback time 100 seconds
5.7.6 Preset conditions for different inspection organs, preset the inspection conditions of the optimal image, reduce the adjustment during operation, and the commonly required external adjustment and combination adjustment
5.7.7 Gain regulation: B / M can be regulated independently, with the STC segment # 8
*5.7.8 The scan depth was 50cm
5.8 Spectral Doppler
5.8.1 Method: PW, CW, HPRF
5.8.2 The Doppler emission frequencies are visually adjustable, and the central frequencies are clearly shown
5.8.3 PWD: blood flow velocity 10m/s; CWD: blood flow velocity 21m/s
5.8.4 Minimum measurement speed: 0.3mm/s (non-noise signal)
5.9 Movie Playback: 60 seconds
5.10 Zero-bit movement: level 10
5.11 color Doppler
5.11.1 Display mode: speed variance display, energy display, speed display, variance display
5.11.2 With a dual-synchronous / triple-synchronous display (B / D / CFM)
5.11.3 Display location adjustment: Scan image range of interest: -20 ° – + 20 °
5.11.4 Standard heart probe color blood flow Doppler center frequency visible and adjustable 9
5.11.5 High frequency line array probe color blood flow Doppler center frequency visible adjustable 8
5.11.6 Color Doppler energy diagram, color directional energy map
5.12 Ultrasonic power output adjustment: B / M, PWD, Color Doppler output power is adjustable
10 Ultra-premium fully digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system 1 I. Equipment name: the original imported ultra-high-grade full-digital color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system
2. Quantity: one set
III. Equipment Use Description:
3.1 It is widely used in clinical ultrasound diagnosis and scientific research in abdominal, pelvic, mammary gland, thyroid, urinary (kidney, prostate, testicular), obstetrics and gynecology, myobone system, pediatrics, vascular and internal cavity;
3.2 The system has a real-time two-dimensional quantitative shear wave elasticography and measurement technology platform that can be applied to all the probes, and can simultaneously output the tissue hardness quantitative data in kPa or m/s. The quantitative measurement range of Yang\’s modulus value: 0-700kPa ensures that the clinical hardness data can be used for clinical diagnosis and scientific research work
IV. Overview of Main specifications and system:
4.1 system survey:
4.1.1 Software and software hardware composite speed processing platform, 2 D image raw RF data acquisition frame frequency 15000Hz
4.1.2 System dynamic range 200dB, visually adjustable and adjustable every 1dB
4.1.3> 21> 21-inch high-resolution color plain ultra-clear LCD display, ultra-wide visual Angle, 178 ° horizontal and vertical average, ultra-high screen resolution of 19201080ppi, with flexible multi-point support arm, all-round adjustable;
4.1.4 The latest intelligent touch ring technology, easily adjust the sampling box size, and can select the menu, rotating images, etc.;
4.1.5 Imaging probe interface: 4 contact probe interfaces, needle-free design.
4.1.6 It has high-resolution two-dimensional gray-scale imaging, ultra-wide band tissue harmonic imaging technology, ultra-wide band color Doppler blood flow imaging and directional energy map imaging,
4.1.7 Spectrum Doppler display and analysis unit, and has a real-time spectrum Doppler automatic envelope measurement function
4.1.8 Super space composite imaging technology: Improve the detail resolution of images and strengthen the boundary display to eliminate artifacts.
4.1.9 High-definition imaging technology, supporting all imaging probes, level 5 visual adjustable.
4.1.10 tissue sound tuning imaging technology, visual adjustable, adjustable number of 5.
4.1.11 Image intelligent one-click optimization technology.
4.1.12 Real-time shear wave elastography technology generates shear waves through the acoustic radiation pulse technology, directly obtains the tissue elastic modulus values, and displays the elastic images of the tissue in real time in a color-coded manner.
4.1.13> 10-inch color LCD touch screen, intelligent tracking menu, interactive operation, equipped with a special touch pen, can display ultrasonic images at the same time as the home screen, and realize touch measurement, TGC 8 segment adjustment
4.2 Measurement and analysis: (Type B, Type M, spectral Doppler, color Doppler)
4.2.1 At the same time, support the traditional key-button measurement and innovative LCD touch screen operation, to directly complete the image measurement, such as length, perimeter, area, etc
4.2.2 Support radial measurement and tracking and tracing across two images in double image mode
4.3 connectedness:
4.3.1 Medical digital image and communication version DICOM3.0 interface components that can be used normally after being installed.
4.4 Image management and recording device:
4.4.1 Host hard drive 1T; hard drive, DVD / CD storage, USB storage
4.4.2 Ultrasonic image archiving and disease management function (non-external workstation application), complete the storage, management and playback of patient static images and dynamic images in the host, and the storage image can be directly converted into a format that ordinary PC can be directly read.Four USB interfaces, ultra-HD D V I video output functions
5. Technical parameter requirements:
5.1 General system functions:
5.1.121-inch high-resolution LCD, 10-inch color LCD touchscreen,
5.1.2 Imaging probe interface: 4 contact-type probe interfaces
5.2 Probe specifications
5.2.1 Type: Electronic convex array, electronic high frequency line array, electron low frequency line array, all probes are ultra wide band technology, and support ultra wide band base and harmonic imaging and high PRF spectrum Doppler mode.
5.2.2 convex array:, imaging frequency range: 1.0-6.0MHz, base and harmonic imaging 3
5.2.3 High-frequency line array: imaging frequency range: 4.0-15.0MHz, base and harmonic imaging 3
5.2.4 Medium and low frequency line array: imaging frequency range: 2.0-10.0MHz, base wave imaging and harmonic imaging frequency 3
5.3 Main parameters of two-dimensional gray scale imaging:
5.3.1 System dynamic range of 200dB, 1dB visual adjustable, emission beam focus: emission 8 segments, scanning line: density per frame line 320 ultrasonic line
5.3.2 Replay reproduction: 5000 gray scale images with adjustable playback speed
5.3.3 Ultra clear digital amplification, the whole figure without pixel loss amplification of 300%
5.3.4 Maximum display depth of 30cm
5.3.5TGC adjustment: TGC manual adjustment can be completed through the intelligent touch screen, level 8 segment adjustment.TGC adjustment of frozen and stored and playback images
5.3.6 Spatial resolution: meet GB10152-1997 national standards
5.4 Spectrum Doppler:
5.4.1 Mode: Pulsed Wave Doppler: PWD
5.4.2 Display mode: B / D, B / C / D, D, and the spectrum display has real-time automatic envelope, intelligent display and measurement functions
5.4.3 PW imaging optimization technology, provides clear spectrum image, and supports freezing or storage back down adjustment spectrum gain, movie playback time: 30 seconds
5.4.4 Zero-bit movement: level 8
5.4.5 Sampling width and location range: width from 0.5mm to 20mm; grade is adjustable
5.4.6 Display control: Invert display (left / right; top / bottom), zero shift, B-Refresh, D extension, B / D extension
5.5 Color Doppler:
5.5.1 Display mode: energy display, speed display, two-dimensional image / spectrum Doppler / color blood flow imaging three-synchronous display
5.5.2 Color enhancement function: energy map, directional energy Doppler
5.5.3 Two-dimensional and color spectrum Doppler can independent frequency conversion
5.5.4 Display position adjustment: Scan the image range of interest: -20 ° ~ + 20 °
5.6 Real-time shear-wave elastography mode:
5.6.1 The shear wave is generated by acoustic radiation pulse technology. During the imaging process, the tissue elastic modulus value (unit: kPa) is directly obtained, and the hardness image of the tissue is displayed in real time by color coding.
5.6.2 Real-time shear wave elastography and two-dimensional imaging dual real-time imaging, images can be adjusted up and down, left and right, single amplitude and other ways, the imaging sampling box size, depth can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the lesion characteristics
5.6.3 Real-time shear wave elastography can be applied in shallow, abdomen and abdominal cavity probes, where the quantitative shear wave hardness map of the abdominal probe imaging depth of 12cm.
5.6.4 Multiple areas of interest quantitatively measuring Young\’s modulus value (kPa) can be placed, the number of areas of interest, and the size of each area of interest can be adjusted independently, with adjustable range: 1mm-30mm), and any shape tracing can be performed according to the lesion morphology
5.6.5 The hardness range of real-time shear wave imaging can cover most tissue types of the human body, with Young\’s modulus value (kPa) display and quantitative measurement range: 0-700kPa; or shear wave velocity (m/s) display and quantitative measurement range: 0-16m/s
5.6.6 Two-D and real-time shear wave elastography can achieve independent frequency conversion and supports 2-and 3-D shear waves
5.6.7 Real-time shear-wave elastography shows a frame frequency of 12Hz, and no lag phenomenon occurs during imaging
5.7 Kit:
5.9.1 Provide a variety of optional measurement modes to quantitatively show up to 18 parameters of tissue Young\’s modulus, maximum, shear wave velocity, minimum, standard deviation, mean, median.
The 5.9.2QBox measurement depth is visually adjustable, where the abdominal measurement depth is> 12cm
5.10 Quantitative measurement of fatty liver disease
5.10.1 Quantitative analysis tool based on gray scale measurement can be used for the assessment of fatty liver severity;
5.10.2 It has sampling volume size and depth measurement function, and accurate quantification
5.11 connectedness:
5.11.1 Medical digital image and communication version DICOM3.0 interface components that can be used normally after being installed
5.12 Image management and recording device:
5.12.1 Host hard drive 1T; hard drive, DVD / CD storage, and USB storage
5.12.2 Ultrasonic image archiving and disease management function (non-external workstation application), complete the storage, management and playback of patient static images and dynamic images in the host, and the storage image can be directly converted into a format that ordinary PC can be directly read.Four USB interfaces, ultra-HD D V I video output functions
11 64 Row 128-layer helical CT 1 one Equipment name: 64 row 128-layer spiral CT.
two Qualification criteria: /
three Technical requirements and main specifications and parameters of the equipment:
3.1 The rack system
3.1.1 Frack aperture diameter: 70cm, inclination angle: ± 30
3.1.2 Focus distance to the center of the scanning field: 53.5cm
3.1.3 Distance from the ball tube focus to the detector: 98cm
3.1.4 Dual scan OS: Dual scan OS is provided.Traditional hosts can be used, or wireless tablet and wireless remote control for scanning.
*3.1.5 The built-in integrated camera, and the built-in integrated camera on the rack to monitor whether the patient has moved and any allergic reaction to the contrast agent.Monitoring images can be displayed on the host.
3.1.6 Two set of patient pendulum system, two set of pendulum system.Position system with wireless remote control and wired system fixed on the rack.
3.1.7 Cooling mode in the rack: air cooling
3.1.8 Special respiratory control indicator (non-X-ray light burst indicator) on rack
3.2 prober
*3.2.1 The detector row number is 64 rows
3.2.2 Protector type: latest detector, Siemens Stellar photon detector; GE provides gem detector, Toshiba provides pure VISION microphoton detector, and PHILIPS provides microplate detector
3.2.3 There is a 3D anti-scattering ray filter gate hardware on the detector
3.2.4 The total number of detectors is 53,000
3.2.5 The physical number of detectors per row is 840
3.2.6 The physical width of the detector is 38mm
3.3 scanner table
3.3.1 Horizontal movement range of the bed surface: 160cm
3.3.2 Maximum scan able range: 160cm
3.3.3 Maximum horizontal movement speed of the bed surface: 200mm/s
3.3.4 Maximum vertical bed shift range: minimum 46cm, maximum 88cm
3.3.5 Maximum load bearing of the bed surface: 220Kg
3.3.6 Bed shift accuracy under maximum load bearing: ± 0.25mm
3.3.7 Scan bed accessories: a full set is provided
3.4 X line system
3.4.1 High-voltage incidence power: 75KW
3.4.2 Anode thermal capacity of the ball tube: 7MHU
3.4.3 Maximum heat dissipation rate of ball tube anode: 780KHU / min
3.4.4 Ball tube small focus (IEC standard 60336):≤0.8mm×0.8mm
3.4.5 Large ball tube focus (IEC standard 60336):≤1.0mm×1.2mm
3.4.6 Minimum ball tube current: 13mA
3.4.7 Maximum ball tube current: 600mA
3.4.8 Maximum ball tube voltage: 140kv
*3.4.9 Minimum ball tube voltage: 70KV
*3.4.10 Eight ball tubes were selected, 70 k V / 80 k V / 90kV / 100kV / 110kV / 120kV / 130kV / 140kV
3.4.11 Ball tubes provide energy spectroscopic purification of Sn technology, provide the ball tube of energy spectroscopic purification technology, and filter the low-energy rays to greatly reduce the dose and improve the image quality.
3.4.12 Sn energy spectroscopy purification technology, Sn ball tube voltage selected 5 kinds
3.5 Integrated Console
*3.5.1 Provide an all-in-one computer and a built-in design integrated into the rack to save scanning building costs.
3.5.2 Computer memory: 32GB
3.5.3 Computer main frequency: provide Intel Xeon processor, 3.6GHz
3.5.4 Hard disk capacity: 720GB
3.5.5 Image storage: (512512 not compressed) 300,000
3.5.6 Medical special LCD ultra-thin plane 23-inch display, resolution: 19201080, the number of 1 unit
3.5.7 Synchronous and parallel processing functions: scanning, reconstruction, display, storage, printing and other operations
3.5.8 Automatic patient breath screen air auxiliary control system, two-way voice transmission
3.5.9 Parallel reconstruction function: The reconstruction and reorganization of multiple modes of images in parallel can preset and complete the reconstruction tasks of different algorithms in a scanning scheme
3.6 Image processing workstation
3.6.1 Provide a single set of workstations
3.6.2 internal storage:≥16GB
3.6.3 Computer main frequency: 4×3.3GHz
3.6.4 Hard disk capacity: 1T
3.6.5 Medical special LCD ultra-thin plane display 19 inches, resolution: 12801024
3.6.6 Integrated image optical disc storage
3.7 scanning parameters
*3.7.1 Maximum scan speed: 0.33s / 360 °
*3.7.2 The thinnest physical unit of the detector: 0.6mm
3.7.3 Scan image layers 128 layers image / 360 degrees
3.7.4 Time resolution of heart imaging: 165ms
3.7.5 Image reconstruction speed: 23 frames / sec (512,512 matrix)
3.7.6 Image reconstruction matrix: 512512
3.7.7 Maximum continuous helical scanning time was 300s
3.7.8 Image display matrix: 19201080
3.7.9 Maximum range of a single spiral scan: 160cmcm
3.7.10 Spiral scanning screw range: 0.03~1.5, any adjustable
3.7.11 Display the visual field range from 5 c m to 50 c m
3.7.12 GE provides ASiR; Siemens provides SAFIRE; Philips provides IDose4; and Toshiba provides AIDR
3.8 image quality
3.8.1 Visual spatial resolution of 10%MTF 14.6 LP / CM (X-Y axis)
3.8.2 Visible spatial resolution of 50%MTF 12LP / CM (X-Y axis)
3.8.3 Low-density resolution: [email protected]%,10.75mGy
3.8.4 CT value range: -8192Hu to + 57343Hu
3.9 Provide all console Dicom3.0 functional interfaces and console Worklist connections
3.10 Clinical application software
3.10.1 multiplanar reconstruction MPR
3.10.2 Any surface reconstruction
3.10.3 Maximum density projection of the MIP
3.10.4 Minimum-density projection of MinP
3.10.5 Surface 3 D reconstruction of 3D SSD
3.10.6 Organizational transparent display technology
3.10.7 CT vascular imaging of the CTA
3.10.8 Advanced volume processing software
3.10.9 With organ fusion, split technology
3.10.10 One-click boneless function
3.10.11 Simulate the surgical knife
3.10.12 digital subtraction radiography
3.10.13 Volume measurement assessment software
3.10.14 Lung texture enhancement software
3.10.15 Low-dose lung scanning software
3.10.16 CT film
3.10.17 Volume artifact suppression software
3.10.18 Real-time automatic tracking scanning function of contrast injection
3.10.19 Real-time intelligent X-line dose control software
3.10.20 Special software package for infant scanning
3.10.21 Demetal, movement, skull and other artifact software
3.10.22 It provides free reconstruction according to the physiological anatomical Angle, the spine, posterior skull socket and other organs, automatically perform small and free Angle reconstruction after scanning, in line with human physiological anatomy, does not need manual angular reconstruction.
3.10.23 Automatically complete the CPR surface reconstruction on the integrated master console.
3.10.24 Infusion imaging software
3.10.25 Requirements of the perfusion imaging site: it can meet the brain perfusion imaging
3.10.26 Heart scan imaging function
3.10.27 ECG door control system
3.10.28 Heart imaging A primary injection automatically triggers the contrast agent tracking software
3.10.29 Retrospective gated helical scanning technique
3.10.30 The main console can display and save the ECG information
3.10.31 ECG ECG editing software for heart collection in patients with uneven heart rate
3.10.32 Heart multiphase reconstruction preview
3.10.33 Coronary extraction function
3.10.34 Evaluation function of coronary artery stenosis
3.10.35 Coronary plaque analysis function
3.10.36 Coronary calcification assessment software
3.10.37 Heart function analysis software
3.10.38 Advanced vascular analysis
3.10.39 Provide direct 3 D advanced reconstruction function after scan to reconstruct diagnostic MPR / MIP images directly from the raw data.No manual reconstruction of 2 D thin layer images before MPR / MIP
3.10.40 Lung tumor, nodule analysis software
3.11 other
3.11.1 Provide the necessary scan accessories
3.11.2 There are fixed CT maintenance engineers in the province
3.11.3 Provide the original dstasheet
3.11.4 Provide a free service telephone number
3.11.5 Provide free design of the machine room
12 BioMicroscopy 1 1 Use: Ordinary stained sections can be observed.
1.1 It is suitable for transportation and storage at ambient temperature of-40℃ ~ + 50℃ and operates under ambient conditions with power supply of 220V (10%) / 50Hz, temperature Celsius-5℃ ~40℃ and relative humidity of 85%.
1.2 Configure plugs that meet relevant Chinese standards, or provide appropriate conversion sockets.
2.the key technical indexes
2.1 Biomicroscopy
2.1.1 Optical system: infinite optical correction system with a focal distance of 45mm
2.1.2 Amnification ratio: 40-1,000 times
2.1.3 Low hand load table: size is 211mm 154mm
2.1.4 Focal adjustment mechanism: the vertical movement of the carrier platform is guided by the roller (rack-small gear) mechanism, using coarse micro coaxial knob, coarse adjustment stroke is 36.8mm, the total stroke is 25mm, fine tuning stroke is 0.2mm per lap, with coarse adjustment limit block and tension adjustment ring
2.1.5 Light mirror: Abbe light mirror with aperture appendix, N.A.1.25
2.1.6 Lighting system: LED ultra-long-life light source, 60,000 hours (need to provide the original factory color page certificate documents), built-in transmission light coller lighting
2.1.7 Observation cylinder: cylinder triocular cylinder: cylinder tilt angle is 30 °, field of view is 20, pupil distance adjustment range is 48-75mm
2.1.8 Visual scope: 10X, with eye mask, F.N.20
2.1.9 objective turntable: 4-hole objective turntable
2.1.10 Objective mirror: Flat-field achrommatic difference objective mirror
100X(N.A.1.25,W.D.0.13mm oil)
13 BioMicroscopy 2 1 1. going
1.1 Suitable for environmental conditions with power supply of 220V (10%) / 50Hz, temperature of 5℃ ~40℃ and maximum relative humidity of 80%.
1.2 Configure plugs that meet relevant Chinese standards, or provide appropriate conversion sockets.
2. the key technical indexes
2.1 Positive microscope
2.1.1 Positive microscope for open field observation
* 2.1.2 Optical system: UIS2 infinite distance correction optical system, the total focal distance must be 45mm
2.1.3 Focal adjustment system: the vertical movement direction distance of the carrier platform shall not be less than 25mm, with focusing coarse tuning limiter, coarse tuning knob torque adjustable, and minimum fine-tuning scale unit of 1 micron
2.1.4 Observation cylinder: wide field triple observation cylinder, with inclination angle of 30 °, and binocular / camera ratio: 100% / 0,20% / 80%, 0 / 100%,
* 2.1.5 Lighting device: built-in transmission light Coller illuminator, with light intensity preset button, high brightness 14W high performance LED light source (50,000 hours life, the manufacturer\’s color page data proof), light source can support open field, difference, DIC differential interference, polarizing light, dark light and other observation methods, and special color temperature adjustment filter.
2.1.6 objective objective:
20X(N.A.0.4,W.D.1.2 spring)
40X(N.A.0.65,W.D.0.6 spring)
100X(N.A.1.25,W.D.0.15 spring, Oil scope)
* 2.1.7 Load table: high wear-resistant ceramic overlay loading platform with ergonomic, right hand and low coaxial drive knob.
2.1.8 Visual scope: 10X wide field scope, 22 with refractive ometric calibration
2.1.9 objective turntable: encoding six-hole objective turntable
2.1.10 Light Mirror: N.A.Value 0.9
* 2.1.11 With the standard color temperature and brightness special lock button
2.1.12 Automatic light intensity management function: has the second generation of light intensity management function and a special button for light intensity management. While converting the objective, automatically match the appropriate brightness according to the user preset objective, so as to avoid the tedious brightness adjustment of each objective replacement
* 2.1.13 Powerful upgrade performance, light source supports light field, difference, DIC differential interference, polararizing, dark field and other observation methods, and can support the upgrade of 26 people
14 BioMicroscopy 3 1 1. going
1.1 It is suitable for transportation and storage at ambient temperature of-40℃ ~ + 50℃ and operates under ambient conditions with power supply of 220V (10%) / 50Hz, temperature Celsius-5℃ ~40℃ and relative humidity of 85%.
1.2 Configure plugs that meet relevant Chinese standards, or provide appropriate conversion sockets.
2. Main technical parameters
2.1. Optical system: infinite distance optical correction system; homogeneous focal distance is 45MM
2.2. Focing mechanism: vertical movement of load table, high sensitivity; travel of load table 25mm; coarse tuning limiter; coarse adjusting knob can adjust torque torque; installation position of load table is variable; fine tuning accuracy is 1 micron
2.3. Lighting system: LED lighting device, with light intensity management function (the original color page certificate), it is not necessary to adjust the light intensity at different times, and the service life is longer.
2.4. Light mirror: N.A.Value 0.9
2.5. objective turntable: encode 5-hole objective turntable
2.6. Objective: flat field achrommatic objective
4x (numerical aperture 0.1, working distance 18.5mm)
10x (numerical aperture 0.25, working distance 10.6mm)
20x (numerical aperture 0.4, operating distance 1.2mm)
40x (numerical aperture 0.65, working distance 0.6mm)
100xO (numerical aperture 1.25, working distance 0.15mm, spring)
2.7. Carrying platform: high wear-resistant ceramic coating coaxial carrying platform; equipped with left hand or right hand low transmission control device; equipped with rotation mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism
2.8. Observation cylinder: wide view; adjustable; field of view 22; inclination angle 30 degrees; pupil spacing adjustment range 50-76mm; binocular / camera: 100% / 0,20% / 80%, 0 / 100%,
2.10. Visual scope: 10X wide field scope, the number of vision is 22
2.11. Upgrade performance is optional: 8-hole compound eye fluorescent lighting system, the number of vision can reach 26.5; real-time depth of field expansion function and real-time image splicing function

3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
Qualifications or Performance:3.1 The bidder is a legal person or other organization that responds to the bidding, obtains the bidding documents from the Songyuan Public Resources Trading Center network, and participates in the bidding competition.No legal person or other organization that has not obtained the bidding documents designated by the tenderer or the tendering agency shall not participate in the bidding.
3.2 Unless otherwise specified, any legal person or other organization from the People\’s Republic of China or has normal trade with the People\’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the \”Qualified source country\”) may bid.
3.3 A legal person or other organization that has an interest with the tenderer and may affect the bidding fairness shall not participate in the bidding.
3.4 Legal persons or other organizations entrusted to participate in the preliminary consultation of the project and the preparation of the bidding documents shall not participate in the bidding of the entrusted project, nor shall they prepare the bidding documents or provide consultation for the bidders of the project.
3.5 The person in charge of the unit that is the same person or different units with holding or management relationship shall not participate in the bidding of the same bidding project, except for the joint consortium bidding.
3.6 Consortium bidding is not accepted for the project.
3.7 Only a supplier or manufacturer who operates legally and financially independently and independently of the Tenderer and the Tenderer and the Tendering Agency can participate in the bid.
3.8 The Bidder shall obtain the bidding documents through the network of Songyuan Public Resources Trading Center, and must be connected before the bid opening as specified (http: / / www.ebnew.The com) or the electronic trading platform (http: / / www.chinabidding.The com) shall complete the registration and information verification.Whether the registration is successful can contact Zhicheng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. The unregistered bidder will not be able to enter the bidding process, and the resulting consequences shall be borne by him or himself.
3.9 The Bidder shall be the manufacturer of the purchased equipment and / or its legally authorized agent for the project (provided in the bidding documents);
3.10 Have the financial, technical and production (or supply) capabilities required to perform the contract.
3.11 Provide the credit certificate issued by the bank opening by the bidder within three months before the bid opening.
3.12 Have a valid medical device production license or medical device business enterprise license / filing certificate.
3.13 The bidding goods shall obtain a valid medical device registration certificate of the People\’s Republic of China (including the medical device registration form) issued by the supervision and administrative department.
3.14 Meet other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.
Joint Bids:NOT Available
Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2021-11-10
Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2021-11-17
Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
To Obtain::On-line Download
Price of Bidding Documents:Free
Additional Instructions:Bidders who intend to participate shall be logged into the Songyuan Public Resources Trading Center Network from 06:30 to November 11,2021 (http: / / syggzy.jlsy.gov.Download cn /) download tender documents.Suppliers who have not conducted online registration and verification and handled CA certification will not be able to participate in this bidding activity.At the same time, the bidder shall be on the electronic trading platform (hereinafter referred to as the \”Bidding Network\” before the bidding deadline specified in the bidding documents: http: / / www.chinabidding.Successfully registered for com).Otherwise, the bidder will not be able to enter the bidding process, and the resulting consequences will be borne by him or himself.
5、Bid Submission
Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2021-12-03 09:00
Place of Bid:Bid Opening Room 1,3rd F, Songyuan Public Resources Trading Center (No.3518, Dongxiang East Town Road, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City)
Place of Bid Opening:Bid Opening Room 1,3rd F, Songyuan Public Resources Trading Center (No.3518, Dongxiang East Town Road, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City)
6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on www.chinabidding.com. And the evaluation results will be released on www.chinabidding.com.
7、Contact Details
Add.:The intersection of Xuefu Street and Development Road, Ningjiang District, Songyuan City
Contact:Zhao Xin
Bidding Agency:Zhicheng Engineering Consulting Co. , Ltd.
Add.:8th Floor, East Coal Hotel, No.781, Xuehai Street, High-tech Zone, Changchun City
Contact:Xia Yifan
Tel:15843130385 17300061455
8、Remittance Approach:
Account NO.(RMB):
Account NO.(USD):


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