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https://www.chinabidding.com/en/detail/250469947-BidNoticeEn.htmlProcurement of 0866-2140SXQY2009 Shearer(2)Shaanxi Qinyuan Tendering Co., Ltd. entrusted by the purchaser, invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following goods and/or service by way of International Competitive Bidding. The tender notice was released on www.chinabidding.com on2021-10-14
1、Bidding Conditions
Overview:purchase one set of Shearer for SHCCIG Shenmu Hongliulin Mining Co.,Ltd.
Source of Funds:have been implemented.
Description of The Prepared Bidding Conditions:have been implemented.
2、Bidding Content
Bidding No:0866-2140SXQY2009
Project Name:Shearer
Place of Implementation:Shaanxi,China
List of Products:

NO. Product Name Quantity Main Technical Data Remarks
1 Intelligent electric traction double drum shearer Shearer 1 the mining height range: ≥5200mm; the production capacity: ≥3500t/h

3、Qualification Requirements For Bidder
Qualifications or Performance:1.The bidder shall be a manufacturer registered as an independent legal person with legal existence and legal existence;
2. The bidder must have ISO9001 and above quality certifications;
3.The bidding products should obtain the corresponding China National Coal Mine Safety Mark Certificate, and the electrical product has an explosion-proof certificate before entering the well;
4 .The bidder should have no less than 3 similar domestic types of performance contracts (the mining height range: ≥5200mm; the production capacity: ≥3500t/h) in the past few years (from January 01, 2018) ;
5. The participating units did not defraud winning the contract, serious breach of contract, major quality problems, or any contract being terminated due to their own reasons in the past few years (from January 01, 2018);
6.The Bidder should have necessary to perform the contract equipment, technical, financial, maintenance, service and other professional technical ability and detailed after-sales service commitment and related guarantee measures.
Joint Bids:NOT Available
Bid without the bidding documents:NOT Available
4、Acquisition of Bidding Documents
Beginning of Selling Bidding Documents:2021-10-14
Ending of Selling Bidding Documents:2021-10-21
Sell bidding?doc?online?or?not:No
To Obtain::On-site Purchase
Place:Room 303 of Shaanxi Qinyuan Tendering Co., Ltd. (Address: No. 38 west of Ziqiang road, Lianhu district, Xi’an ,Shaanxi province).
Price of Bidding Documents:¥1000/$150
Additional Instructions:E-mail of bidding agency:[email protected]
5、Bid Submission
Deadline for Submitting Bids/Time of Bid Opening (Beijing Time):2021-11-04 14:00
Place of Bid:Meeting room 209 of Shaanxi Qinyuan Tendering Co., Ltd. (Address: No. 38 west of Ziqiang road, Lianhu district, Xi’an ,Shaanxi province).
Place of Bid Opening:Meeting room 209 of Shaanxi Qinyuan Tendering Co., Ltd. (Address: No. 38 west of Ziqiang road, Lianhu district, Xi’an ,Shaanxi province).
6、The bidder needs to register before the tender on www.chinabidding.com. And the evaluation results will be released on www.chinabidding.com.
7、Contact Details
Purchasers:Shaanxi Coal Material Yutong Co., Ltd
Add.:21st Floor Laide buiding, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province
Contact:Ren Huan
Bidding Agency:Shaanxi Qinyuan Tendering Co., Ltd.
Add.:room 303, west of Ziqiang road, Lianhu district, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China.
Contact:Li Bo、Zhangying
8、Remittance Approach:
Account NO.(RMB):3700021109200038203
Account NO.(USD):103229310526
Additional:SWIFT No.:BKCHCNBJ620

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